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We just know you will enjoy our original blues tunes created for your listening pleasure.

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Big Barb'z (a.k.a) Fake Jake, Lead Singer

Big Barb'z also known as Fake Jake is a seasoned performer who's heartfelt rockin' blues vocals will make an audience get up and salute those songs that make the women kick off their shoes and yell WOOHOO as they head for the dance floor while the men grab another beer and tell their friends a story this song reminds them of! He knows his way around a tough audience!

Barbz Profile Pic

Brian Sliepenbeek, Lead, Rhythm & Bass Guitarist, A.K.A Fingers

After being accused of guitar pick theft at the age of 7 Brian spent the next 15 years on the lam learning guitar from rail riders, back alley jam sessions with underground jazz artists and whaling it with several rock bands during warm up sessions while in hiding as a roadie ! This eclectic mix of styles will wow you as you watch his hands coax the voice from within the guitar! Seriously! This man is good!